Use of Hologram…

Every Industry and any industry can use the Holographic products to enhance the image of their brands in the market as a genuine and authenticated brands. They are used for attractive product packaging, security applications , fancy gifts, etc. Holograms are new media of 3-D art, registration of priceless artifacts, etc. They are also used in new technology aircraft, automobiles, etc.

Security hologram stickers are widely used in such industries:

  • Chemicals/Detergents, Fertilizers, Seeds.
  • Building Material/Hardware. 
  • Fine jewelry/Watches.
  • Aircraft/ Automotive & High Technology/Engineering Spares & Machine Parts.
  • Electrical/ Electronic Appliances & Components. 
  • Sporting goods, Toys, Gifts/novelties. 
  • Recording Media(Music-Diskettes/CD’s,Cassettes/Tapes/Software).
  • Clothing Hang-tags, Branded fashion wear & Accessories. 
  • Vehicle Registration/ Driving Licences, Fare Charts.
  • Certificates (Mark-sheets/ Degree/ Diplomas). 
  • Valuable/ Secret/ Confidential Documents & Envelops.
  • Security/ Financial/ Surety Instruments/ Bonds/ Share Certificates.
  • Books/ Publications/ Copyright Sales Literature.
  • Loyalty/ Reward/ Vouchers, Passes. 
  • Stored value Phone Cards. 
  • Bank Checking notes/ Draft/ Guarantees.
  • Credit Cards/ Membership/ ID cards. 
  • Computer Peripherals. 
  • Stationary Products. 
  • Automotive Components. 
  • Pass-port/ Visa. 
  • Excise Revenue Stamps.

List is ever growing & expanding and getting much more widely used.

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